Best Option Alert Service. Why is it Beneficial?

Best Option Alert Service

Options trading is growing increasingly popular among investors daily. It is most likely since it requires less initial capital investment than stocks. As a result, traders with lower holdings can participate in options trading. The majority of investors find it difficult to make money with options. But the best option trading alert service makes it easy by presenting you with trade suggestions.

Following is an in-depth evaluation of some of the top-rated choices alert services that we believe are worth your time to try out.

What is a Best Option Alert Service?

best option alert service

An options alert service is a type of internet trading service that assists you in identifying and acting on trading opportunities in the options market. They’re generally run by highly experienced traders who spend most of their time scanning the market.

They customarily provide specific options and trade recommendations, including recommended strategies, entry points, and price targets, among other things. Aside from that, several options alert services include research tools that might assist you in conducting your study into prospective options trade opportunities.

How to Choose the Best Options Alert Service?

There are thousands of options alert services, each with a unique approach to the market, success rates, trading tools, and other characteristics to distinguish them. The following are 3 most important elements to consider while selecting an options alert service:

Strategy Alignment

Regardless of whichever option alert service you use, it must complement your trading strategy and style. Consider the options strategies you most frequently employ and then find services geared toward those techniques. 

Aside from that, you’ll want to consider what kind of return-to-risk ratio you would like in your options trades and if an options service runs at a risk level that is agreeable with you.

Proven Track Record

Options alert providers that offer structured trade recommendations often maintain records of their previous trades or assessments of their previous performance. 

These records are vital because they help you determine whether or not a service has been continuously profitable and whether or not it has suffered any significant financial losses in the past.


Calculating the cost of an options alert service can be difficult, particularly for companies that provide many trading recommendations weekly. High charges may be acceptable when dealing with big sums of money, but it is crucial to consider the yield you expect from a business based on its proven record before investing your money.

Best Option Alert Service

Best Option Alert Service

Below is a compilation of some of the best option alert services you can consider:

The Trading Analyst

The Trading Analyst is a service that provides options trading alerts. This service is extremely well-balanced, making it an excellent choice for new traders who don’t want to spend excessive trading information and advice. This platform offers a variety of benefits, including real-time notifications through SMS, competitive pricing, a track record of profitability, a reasonable alert frequency, and accessibility to excellent educational content. 


  • Does not provide detailed, in-depth reports, which is a limitation. 

Investors can keep their phones close to hand during day trading to make a reasonable profit when using The Trading Analyst. The cost of this options trading alert service is $787 annually.

The Motley Fool Options

The Motley Fool Options is a one-of-a-kind option alert service since it is tailored specifically for long-term investors. The stocks recommended for trading are those that The Motley Fool’s analysts believe will outperform in the long run. These options techniques are often used to profit from a short-term decline in the price of a stock that signals a long-term purchasing opportunity.

In addition, The Motley Fool Options provides a training course, and some transactions are designated as beginner-friendly by the company. These features make this service more available to people new to the financial business niche of options trading.

The Motley Fool Options service is available for $999 per annum.

Mindful Trader

Mindful Trader is another well-known options trading alert service worth your money and time. Erick Ferguson developed a service that he named Option Picks to deliver options based on scientific data and statistics.

Erick, the company’s creator, has been trading equities for many years. The service uses Erick’s trading tactics, which he has been putting through their paces for a long period.

Before giving recommendations, Erick typically conducts a thorough analysis of over 20 years of historical market performance. He then trades in every one of the options that he receives as a trading alert which makes his followers feel more confident about dealing in the stocks he recommends.

The options trading notifications that Mindful Trader gives are at the heart of the company’s service. You may also expect to get 1 to 3 choice picks daily by text and email if you join the service.

Each trade alert is typically accompanied by specifics such as the entry price, profit objective, the time restriction on the trade, and the stop-loss. Paid plans for Mindful Trader start at $47 per month and include access to options trading alerts and educational tools and resources.


A browser-based tool, Optionsonar devotes the majority of its resources to studying and forecasting the activity of the global options market. The options activity scanner provided by the service provides you with a complete overview of major swings in the market that indicate the trading activity of investment firms.

If you’re looking for alerts, Optionsonar falls short of the mark. While text messages, push notifications, and emails are given out when there is unusual trading activity, they do not provide a plan of action. That’s also true of all of the tools that Optionsonar provides, including the others mentioned above.

The options service Optionsonar is not a good fit for beginners. 

Optionsonar is  $109 per month, it might be prohibitively pricey for most investors.

Benzinga Options

Nic Chahine is an all-time options trader and the primary options trading educator at Benzinga. He has over a decade of experience in the financial markets. The track record of the newsletter appears to be impressive, with an average win rate currently over 90% and an average approximate return per trade of more than 23% in recent months.

Benzinga Options Starter Package is an excellent alternative for folks who want to get a feel for the product because it contains two trading ideas per month and allows you to test the waters. Members of the newsletter receive trade ideas in emails and SMS messages from time to time. 

A description of the trade with in-depth research is sent with each email. Also included are the ideal price goal and an estimated timetable for each transaction. You can access the Inner Circle chat room. The higher-tier subscription to Benzinga Pro’s Options Mentorship includes full access to the Benzinga Pro platform. It includes trade alerts, charting, a community chat room, charting, options scanners, stock screeners, a newsfeed, trading signals, and a squawking radio, among other features.

The Benzinga Premium Options newsletter Starter bundle is $194 per year. Subscribers can also increase their subscriptions to obtain even more trade suggestions.

Market Chameleon

Market Chameleon is a service that provides alerts for options trading. This service is heavily reliant on tools and is best suited for experienced traders and novice traders who are ready to learn. This platform offers several significant benefits, including a comprehensive and reliable options scanner and an intuitive strategy screener.


  • It is extremely pricey.
  • Its user interface is a little out of date. 

Through the use of Market Chameleon, traders can access sorted information cleanly and compactly to make trading much simpler. There is an $1188 annual subscription fee for this options trading alerts service.

Sky View Trading 

Options alert service Sky View Trading specializes in short-term trade opportunities, emphasizing the stock market. The program sends out daily trading alerts through email and SMS, making it simple to remain on top of the latest trade opportunities. A collection of options transactions is also available, which gets updated regularly to keep up with the service.

Additionally, instructional elements such as an intensive training course are inclusive. It contains expert advice that even experienced options traders will find valuable. A Discord chat room further enhances the sense of belonging that Sky View’s service provides.

Sky View Trading is available for $149 per month. For $14, you can test out the service for 14 days.

Don’t Forget to Test Best Option Alert Service

We would suggest that you test out an option trading alert service first. Most of these services are good and highly helpful – particularly those provided by the service providers included on this page. As a novice trader, there are many ways in which a best option trading alert service may assist you in increasing your profits and even learning more about the market through education. You can benefit from improved counsel and training about the market if you follow these alerts.

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