SmarTrader Discord Server

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SmarTrader Discord Server
SmarTrader Discord Server


SmartTrader Discord Server gives a ton of tickers from time to time: Sunday watch list, daily watch list, intraday alerts.

  1. Try to keep track of these. Maintain a notepad file with all these tickers. This will help you to know the entry and exit prices, stop losses etc. Also, practice using the server’s search feature. It is very powerful. You can search ST’s alerts for a particular ticker.
    Example: SNDL from: Smartrader#9965
  2. Build up your technical analysis skills. Watch ST’s old videos from Discord and YouTube. Understand why and when he is entering & exiting.
  3. Develop the following skills related to human psychology:
  4. Money Management – This is the key. Do not put more than certain % of your account in one single trade.
    Thumb rule: 2%. You can adjust this as per your risk tolerance. The idea hear is even if you fail in certain trades (which is inevitable in trading), you are still in the game. You should live for another day.
  5. Risk Management – Follow at least 1:2 risk/reward ratio, i.e., for a risk of $1, you should target at least $2 reward. All ST’s plays are break out patterns, which means this is inbuilt, so you are good simply by executing those.
  6. Profit taking and cutting losses: This is very very important. For Day/Swing trades, Exit in either direction on the first occurrence of your target. If you miss the first occurrence and wait for the next cycle, you are already at risk. ST recommends you take profits at resistance levels. Understand and practice that. Cutting loss is also very important. If the stock is going against you, just cut loss and come of it asap. Don’t bag hold and sleep on it. For newbies, this is a tough point to master. This comes with experience ( after loosing large amounts, lol). It is better to loose small amount and exit gracefully than blowing up the entire trade amount.

Finally, concentrate on the process. It will get you money as a bonus automatically. Analyze your wins and losses, Fill your gaps and strengthen your knowledge.

To receive the full benefit of SmartTrader Discord Server, Just go to donate room and type (donate). Follow what the link and make sure to USE YOUR OWN LINK. You will then have the role TRADER.

  1. Go to the #donate-room
  2. Type DONATE.
  3. Follow the link that pops up for you. Make sure you use your own link and not someone else’s.
  4. After payment, you will automatically see your name change to GREEN
  5. Go to #discord-form room and fill out the form

As a trader, you will have access to:

  1. daytrade-alert
  2. swing-trade-alert
  3. st-option-alert
  4. options-watchlist
  5. options-chatroom
  6. trading-chatroom
  7. social-chatroom
  8. questions-st
  9. daily-watchlist

NOTE: If you sign up, you are doing so for alerts only. Ask “Smartrader” questions is one of the perks of being in this community but it does not obligate to answer. There are over 1000+ people to cater to and his priorities are more on research and alerting.

Another thing is, on SmartTrader discord server you can find some amazing people, sharing valuable information from time to time, helping others. So be active, learn from others and share your knowledge to the group.

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  1. Trades by the Bell

    This guy is a great guy and trader! SmarTrader and I have been around since the beginning of Webull. He is not just someone that is here one moment and gone the next. He has a solid reputation in the Webull community. Not that long ago, I had a rough stock trading streak and was down on my confidence. SmarTrader introduced me to options trading. I was hesitant at first, but using my knowledge of stock trading and SmarTrader’s great options teaching, I was able to progress quickly. Now I trade options independently and am very successful at it, but I still keep my membership to his service because he is like a trustworthy “tool in my toolbox.” If there are any new people here that are hesitant about whether or not to join SmarTrader’s group, or whether or not to stay with him longterm, I highly recommend him to all of you. Like any of us traders, use him as a screener, but make your own decisions using the information given.

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  2. Exitplus

    Hey Everyone! I had 3 more paid trading chatrooms and 4 with ST chatroom. Today I have only ST chatroom. I cancelled all others and I said good bye to them. I did not like their way of trading, like market opens they alerted options, in and out in max 2 minutes, most of the time i could not manage to buy before they alerted out, on other hand i was lucky to not followed all alerts because majority of their trade alerts resulted as cut loss instead of lock profit. I got very tired of their alerts and it is like blind trading in and out in 2 minutes more gambling than trading. What about ST? I really liked the options alert and stock swings of ST. ST options alerts are often safe with dip buy and long expiry, it is safe options trading. ST channels text, charts, alerts, images and videos are great. I hope you all follow only ST. My painful experience in trading is, don’t go with full account because you can’t trust the market and stocks it changes from big green to big red in minutes. Play with 25% of account. Cut loss on time before expiry. Be patience if you have long expiry. Deep focus when you trade. Don’t expect that every trade is profitable instead accept loss and tomorrow is an other day. Losing is part of trading. I stay with ST and thanks ST and Team :100: :rocket: :pray:

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  3. saBha Discord

    Thanks for great server. I am learning a lot from here. I thing I am having trouble to follow. Some time option alerts are coming in 🔥10k-100k channel. e.g. DKNG Option was alerted in 🔥10k-100k channel instead of 🚀option-alert . I can understand trading and simultaneously alerting is difficult. Yet a thought wanted to share

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