WallStreet Discord server is FREE live trading chatroom of all skill levels, from beginners to pros. If you’re new, don’t be shy, they can point you in the right direction and show you the ropes.

On this server possible fined a collection of great minds from retail day traders to algo-traders and coders to Wall Street pros to Hedge Fund managers and even students and beginners. WallStreet Discord server accommodate all styles of trading and investing, from long term portfolios to day trading to yolo FD options, futures, forex, penny stocks and even crypto.



#🏖off-topic-lounge – place to relax, meme, talk whatever
#❓questions – ask anything here
#🇺🇸politics – keep the political stuff in here
#🆘support-and-requests – feedback & suggestions welcome!
#🥊fight-club – argument? Battle it out to the death in here … or be bad, you end up here… don’t drop the soap! :soap:

#📈trading – our main trading floor, most active during trading hours
#🏦investing – long term investing, portfolios & wealth building
#🚀options-futures-fx – riskier plays like futures, options, leveraged ETF & forex chat goes here
#🌕penny-stocks – all penny gambling talk, OTC, no pumps plz
#👾crypto – get your blockchain on in here
#🏆portfolio-screens – post profits, losses & portfolios in here
#🗑bot-spam – test bot commands or check stuff here

#🤖algo-trading – coding, scripts, algos, HFT & related chat
#resources-and-learning – list of articles, books & videos (great for newbies)
#tools-and-scripts – lots of ThinkorSwim, TradingView & NinjaTrader scripts for indicators

#👀watchlists – our bots generate a watchlist of stocks daily + add your own lists
#📰market-news – top wall street & market news
#🗣live-trades – track your trades from any channel in here with the !bought, !sold & !open commands
#🔥social-buzz – Opinions, data & trades from top traders and investors
#💸options-flow – Stream of block trades & unusual options
#🐳whale-alerts – Feed of large crypto transactions & signals by whales
#💡charts-ideas – No bots, just charts & ideas
#🗞earnings – Earnings results posted live
#🍯alternative-investments – Real Estate, coins, classic cars, art & rare collectibles
#🔰assign-roles – Pick a role, change roles as much as you like, whenever!



We have a bunch of great bots including a few that were made by our very own mods & members here. Here’s a list of bots and how to get commands:

@ACKMAN_V2.0#3160 ex: ,D MSFT or ?15 MSFT
@Aerotyne Pink Sheets ex: C NFLX bb rsi or C help
@Investors Center Quotron ex: !help or !c4 GOOG
@Stratton Oakmont ex: !cd AMZN

Track & Share Your Trades!
You can now share and track your trades (or practice trading) by using our bot (Ackman 2.0) in any channel. Your trades will show up in #🗣live-trades

You have to add the ticker and price or option and price after the !bought or !sold commands. You can use !open to track your open trades. It’s a great way to share your trades and see what others are doing or just to paper trade and try some ideas out.

Commands (and examples):
!bought AAPL 90.50
!sold AAPL 201.75
!bought DIS_JAN15_25C 1.25
!sold DIS_JAN15_25C 19.65



Live CNBC/Bloomberg Audio Feed
We have a live feed of both CNBC Audio and Bloomberg Radio playing 24/7 to help you trade in the voice channels.

Live Events
Special guests such as Wall Street pros, market scholars or your favorite software developers drop in occasionally do do live demos and live chats. They interact with members and show tips & tricks or break down charts and trades. These get announced in #live-events-chat, so keep an eye out!

Billionaire Boys Club
If you participate enough, you automatically get access to our Billionaire Boys Club. Here we have secret channels with games, casino gambling and a bunch of other fun stuff. 

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