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Options Trading Club is the highest quality Discord server for options you can find. Their TrustPilot reviews suggest a spam free, noise free channel where daily options alerts are shared and community members collaborate to find winning trade ideas. The head trader.
The server is organized by options trading strategies where members can follow along on the ones that they most prefer. Other experts are also in the chat daily to help with coaching and education. Unlike other channels, Options Trading Club requires an application to join as it is only taking individuals who are committed and serious to trade options. This results in a superior community culture not seen anywhere else.

9 reviews for Options Trading Club Discord Server

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  1. Navin Raj

    Amazing discord . Learnt a lot . I was definitely not a newbie but to be able to see how other traders think and how some of them esp Gianmarco manage his trades has been a blessing. 0 losses so far !! Don’t think twice if you are into premium selling

    + PROS: Great collegial groupAlways someone to answer any trade questionsNo politics or other bs
    - CONS: Can’t think of any !!
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  2. Sunnie

    Discord shares great information and education in regard to options trading. The members are open, insightful, and helpful.

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  3. Earl

    I have been trading with this group for about 4 months. Without question there are some excellent traders within the group that are more than willing to help out new traders. But keep in mind, people are not going to do the work for you. You have to educate yourself!
    Daily there are good trades posted to primarily sell options. Not a lot of buying happens in the group.

    + PROS: Friendly group.Willing to help new traders.Solid trades are posted every day.Conservative approach to trading options.Credit Spread trade portfolio for small accounts.
    - CONS: Net debit positions are not clearly disclosed.
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  4. Kanpatel

    Fantastic platform for newbie or experienced option trader. There alerts are simple and to the point with good win rate %. Highly recommended to subscribe

    + PROS: Easy of use.Good win rateCan start with small trading account
    - CONS: None for now.
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  5. Mahesh S

    Options Trading Club (OTC) is a well maintained Discord server. There is lot of activity from the founder and also a bunch of other knowledgeable and profitable traders that you can choose to follow.
    The server is well organized into different trading strategies with each strategy having its own alerts, education, discussion sub-channels. People are respectable with each other and the founder is quite responsive to any queries.

    + PROS: Well organized server.Truthful reporting of performance. Weekly commentary and summary of performance are very useful.Knowledgeable traders that you can follow besides the founder.Easy to follow alerts.Reasonable amount of activity. There is no over-trading.
    - CONS: There is no easy place to look at all open/closed positions in real time. To figure out if a position is closed or not, you need to scroll through Discord. Maintaining an Excel sheet that is updated real time (as soon as a position is opened or closed) will be very useful.There is no stop loss. The focus appears to be on keeping the win percentage high (by rolling, which is technically a loss) instead of taking a loss when things go south and moving on to a new trade.On a similar vein, there is not much heed paid to efficient capital utilization. Sometimes, you just hold the bag on a PUT assignment for several months collecting pennies in premium. This significantly reduces the actual return on capital even though reported win-rate remains high. I wish they just cut losses instead of rolling puts that are 10% in the money.No SMS or email alerts.
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  6. Phillip

    I was a founding member (not a founder) of the Options Trading Club. It started with a connection between a previous, smaller Discord community and a Slack / website general investing and trading community that both helped me grow as a beginner and intermediate options trader. The mods, members, and founders are all good people and it is so refreshing to have a valuable, educational, healthy community that is very welcoming to new and experienced traders.

    + PROS: Healthy, productive communication.Not too noisy.Extremely knowledgeable people happy to help.
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  7. Designer

    Amazing Community and Amazing people. If you are new to options trading this is a great place to start for beginners.

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  8. Rhys

    Great discord – excellent suggestions for cash secured puts in particular

    + PROS: Expert advice, recommendations and good chat
    - CONS: None
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  9. Fernando

    Excellent Discord server.
    Well organized by strategy, the founder is extremely helpful and patient, and the group of traders of all levels and resources are always willing to help the new members.
    Highly recommended!

    + PROS: Well organized. Great community of fellow traders. Trades are clearly explained (founder & members) The amount of trades is not overwhelming.
    - CONS: None so far.
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    Options Trading Club Discord Server
    Options Trading Club Discord Server
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