StocksToTrade Review

Update - 2021.01.05

StocksToTrade is a useful tool for stock scanning and financial researching. Actual news, various charts, watch lists, real-time data, level 2, stock alerts, paper trading, and an opportunity to chat are integrated into a single platform. The service was first similar to the Equity Feed platform, but eventually, it was developed to the current format. Software was created for providing traders with many useful features in one platform except for the broker. According to developers, the platform will be integrated with existing online brokers so that traders could make transactions. 


This innovative product was created by Timothy Sykes, the famous penny stock trader and founder of, and his team of developers. Timothy had an idea to launch a universal trading platform with intuitive functions that even novices can quickly get used to. Mainly, the platform has to help average traders to become professionals. Software is cloud-based and accessible via the Internet connection from any browser.

Pricing Variants can offer two main options of prices, namely a plan subscription and a pro subscription.

The first option allows using the majority of features, while the second one gives an opportunity to work directly with a trading expert. The professional subscription includes training tools such as live trading chat room moderated by Tim Bohen. Subscribers are able to see his watch lists and follow his strategy in trades. Tim explains his actions and provides an in-depth analysis of the stock market. Weekly webinars are also available for members. 

The plan subscription costs $179.95 per month or users can purchase an annual subscription for $1,899.50 and save $259.90. In addition, users can get a two-week trial test of the platform for $7. Unlike a plan subscription, the cost of the professional option is not disclosed. Users have to apply in advance, be approved by the platform management, and be informed about the price. This option also comes with no free trial or money-back guarantee.

StocksToTrade Features

The platform can offer everything a stock trader needs. The following features and tools are essential for active day and swing traders.

Breaking News Chat breaking news chat


The current news from The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! Finance, MSN Money, Seeking Alpha, and Finviz can be showed in a separate window or be linked to a particular window. Traders can filter the news by topics, stocks, and keywords. Also, the platform developers incorporated a Twitter filter to track news according to the trader’s criteria.


The chart feature works fine and gives a variety of tools and indicators. Traders can use candlesticks, line and bar charts, and set up different time frames from one-minute to one-month. The drawing function allows traders users to make marks on charts to identify forming patterns. 

Scanners and Trading Alerts

The platform has built-in scans and allows users to customize them. Traders can monitor over 15,000 stocks for finding the best ideas for trading. Another useful feature is an algorithms scan called Oracle, which can give traders a list of stocks with a high probability of momentum-based breakouts and breakdowns. Oracle allows focusing on stock movements before the volume and momentum can reach the top. Also, this scan can reveal from five to ten high-probability picks a day.

Technical Indicators

The charts have pre-loaded technical momentum and price indicators, including a stochastic oscillator, moving averages, Bollinger bands, pivot points, and MACD. Traders can customize colors and settings of each indicator.

Level 2

The platform offers level 2 windows for stocks. These windows show the depth of the stock price along with the bid and ask values. Traders can use level 2 to determine the right places for their trade orders and ensure the most liquidity.

Watch Lists

Traders can set up numerous watch lists at the same time. The built-in scans help compile these watch lists to track trades and obtain alerts when particular stock prices are triggered.

Paper Trading Simulator 

The service provides a decent paper trading simulator with $30,000 virtual balance. It can assist traders in getting accustomed to managing trades and simultaneously monitoring charts without excessive emotions. The simulator helps tune on real-money trading and try individual strategies.

StocksToTrade  on Social Media

Traders can find a lot of videos and related information about StocksToTrade on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. Detailed answers to a dozen inquiries can be read in the Support section on the website


StocksToTrade is a multi-featured research service which can be convenient for traders with different levels of experience. However, long-term investors may not be satisfied with the provided service because it does not give tools for fundamental analysis. Also, the cost of subscriptions may be high for beginning traders. The platform is compatible with both Mac and Windows, and it provides advanced training and community tools.

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