The Diamond Handz Discord started out as an investment banking group overseeing $2.3 Million dollars at their peak, now they run an online options signaling group that is based on the platform Discord. With over 20K members, they have a large community of traders from all experience levels and backgrounds. With premium and free signals, they have made their members $325,000 in profit.

The Diamond Handz Discord Review By Chris Buchalo

Diamond Handz Discord channel alone has increased by 8k members just this month. In the Discord, there are two main levels of access, premium and regular. I recently purchased a premium subscription myself and I highly recommend it to traders looking to grow their portfolio. In premium, not only do I get alerts every day but also access to educational livestreams and daily watchlists. They have nine analysts with one dedicated specifically to alerts (80%+ win rate) for free members, which makes joining a worthwhile idea even if you’re not looking to spend. For most of the analysts, trading is their primary source of income so they take it very seriously and practice risk management.

Types of channels

The server has a ton of different channels and they are organized very well.

For example, they have channels to discuss/learn regular trading, penny stocks, long terming, crypto, forex Q&A and much more. When I joined, I had no idea how to decipher an options alert and now it’s like reading English to me. I’ve never had an un-answered question in the server. You can tell the staff care about their members and the members care about each other.

One of my favorite parts about the server are the livestreams. They happen almost every day of the trading week. Even if you miss them, they are often recorded. They cover technical analysis and are a great way for beginners to learn.

Another great thing from the server is their training program, the Handz University. It contains five lessons that teach you what the analysts have learned over the years so you don’t make the same mistakes they have. Though I haven’t participated in it myself, I’ve heard it is extremely useful.

Final Thoughts

The Diamond Handz Discord group is among the best I’ve been in. It’s a great place to learn and meet other traders. The free features on this server make it worth joining.

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  1. John Griswold

    The owner is a shady person. he actually owns more then one server and has alternative profiles to run each one. He also has different profiles that talk to each other in the chat room its really weird and you can tell it’s a scam

    + PROS: Has good analysts for stock picks
    - CONS: the owner is super sketchy
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  2. Jimmy Narine

    Shady owner, the traders posting on the server, post in several servers the same trades. He also overcharges for financial advice, wich he says he isn’t giving. However, telling me to buy and sell, telling me how to set up my portfolio. All that is financial advice. I asked him after I was in the hole for 15,000 if he was registered as a financial adviser and he said no.That was my fault, I let the FOMO get the best of me and it costed me a lot of money.
    The guy is very shady, the traders he has claim 90% win rate. Not sure why they aren’t working for a firm then. Which I know why it’s all a lie. They also only trade options. They only believe in stocks going up.
    If you are a short, this is the group you should join. So you can short all the plays. For being scammers! I filed a complaint with the sec already and have convos saved up. So will see what happens.

    + PROS: Good people that have been scammed and they all are waiting to break evenTo leave the group
    - CONS: It’s a fake and a front
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  3. Mitchell

    The group overall is horrible with only 1-2 good analysts. I am one of the few people who joined in the beginning of the year because of the $500 – 10k challenge. Mr. Handz (the owner) failed 2-3 times, never have the account went over $1000. Makes you skeptical about this group because if you’re winning rate and technical analysis were so great, you should be able to get the account at least over $1000, like maybe over $500 if you’re so great. It’s been 8 months and the account is below $500…… The price is way over priced at $100, you’ll find better and more affordable groups.

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  4. Tevin

    Overrated group

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  5. Tyler

    This group is overrated for many reasons. Only 2-3 good analysts to be honest. Joined this because I was intrigued with the account challenge. The group started the account challenge of $500 – 10k in February 2021, I believe and it’s currently August as we speak. They have failed the challenge 2-3 times and the account balance is $450…. Let that sink it, it took 8 months for Mr. Handz to take $500 to 10k and this guy can’t even go over $500. Makes you wonder how credible his alerts are. He is known for always having confident plays and great technical analysis where it goes opposite. Discord is currently free but it’s about to be $100 a month. I would look elsewhere because this group is over priced. Don’t believe me? Join the group, it’s free and look at their account challenge logs lol

    + PROS: Great watchlistsFew good analystsSolid resources
    - CONS: Daily logs are 'too good to be true'Mr. Handz 'confident plays' are usually oppositeFailed 3x account challenge
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