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The penny stock alerts discord server server is a community of over 14,954 members who are dedicated to finding and trading penny stocks. The server offers a variety of services to its members, including alerts on potential penny stock trades, real-time updates on stock prices and movements, and access to a team of experienced traders who can provide guidance and support.

Advanced Scanners

One of the unique features of the penny stock alerts server is its use of advanced stock scanners to identify potential trades. These scanners are highly customized to find stocks that are showing signs of unusual or high volume activity, which can indicate a potential breakout or surge in price. The server also provides voice alerts where stocks are called out making new high of day, which makes it easier for members to quickly identify and take advantage of potential trades.

Educational Resources

In addition to alerts and scanners, the penny stock alerts server also offers a wide range of educational resources for its members. This includes access to webinars, tutorials, and other educational materials that can help new traders learn the basics of stock trading and develop their skills over time. The server also has a team of expert traders who are available to answer questions and provide guidance and support to members.


Penny stock alerts discord server is a valuable resource for anyone interested in trading penny stocks. With its advanced scanners, real-time updates, and educational resources, it can help traders of all skill levels identify and take advantage of potential trades. Additionally, the community of experienced traders and the support they provide to the members is a great advantage. The server is also a great place to learn and share trading strategies, discuss market trends, and stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments in the stock market.

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11 reviews for Penny Stock Alerts Discord Server

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  1. Jake C

    This server is no joke, in short…LEGIT, Join now. Wish it was the first server I found for penny stocks / microcaps / stocks under $10. ive been through at least 100 stock servers. most servers make call only 10-20% moves, Not this one, The quality of alerts is what sets this different from the rest, you want 100% moves? then this is it. The best part is you get to learn along side with the alerts. The chart screen shots provided with the Alert is a game changer. Never go in blindsided. Scanners omg where was this when I started trading? You get to live stream the scanners that call out all the hot runners. When you join make sure to DM the admin to join.
    NO CAP lol

    + PROS: Great Stock Alerts-High win rateStocks Scanners live streamed-Voice Alerts-Watchlist-Swingtrades-Daytrades-Learn to trade penny stocks-Stocks chatroom
    - CONS: -Too many good alerts-Wish there was 1 on 1, I would definitely pay- its great focuses on stocks under $10. wish there was so big gap plays
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  2. Jesse

    worth taking a look. made roughly $500 this week, will give an update in a month. Alerts are definitely on point so far.

    + PROS: alerts- quick wins
    - CONS: non yet
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  3. Johnny T

    Just joined yesterday. Find me JohnnyTrades20, new to the game, definitely big help. Lots of alerts to follow through the day. So far green

    + PROS: Lots of alerts, pro traders, easy to follow.
    - CONS: Non so far
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  4. Michael

    Not sure why I have not come across this server sooner. Great for high runners. Has improved in the past year. More analyst , more alerts, great deal overall.

    + PROS: -Variety of alerts-stock alerts-option alerts-great for new traders learning
    - CONS: Can be overwhelming at first. Learning curve, need to do homework but that’s part of the process
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  5. Tracy

    Prodigy trading team, I guess that’s what they go by. The person who does most of the alerts is spot on. If you like quick gains and know how to trade yourself it’s easy to catch on.

    + PROS: East to follow alerts, differently strategies, stop losses, price targets al givenAccess to scanners
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  6. Nicholas

    New trader here. Helpful team, dm admin to get access.

    + PROS: Very transparent, good percentage wins. I would recommend this server for new and veteran traders.
    - CONS: Expect quick gains so don’t hold
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  7. Amir h

    Been here for a little over a month now. Surprised after being in 10 discords I was able to grow my account by 35% and that’s being conservative. I prolly could have grown it faster but just staying safe. They have a solid team of all ranges.

    + PROS: -diverse team- solid alerts- scanners-positive members
    - CONS: - nothing really
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  8. Jaimie

    Range of different analysts. I love voice alerts from the scanners, game changer in my opinion. Check it out for sure.

    + PROS: You can hear stocks moving. Tells you what’s running hard. If your quick you can take advantage of the move. Nice value
    - CONS: New traders be prepared to do some studying
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  9. Smith

    Solid Team, Im still new, would have liked to see more learning content but that could just be me. Other than that if you know what you are doing seems like its easy to follow.

    + PROS: Swing alerts have been great. I don't have to rush into trades.
    - CONS: Learning curve
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  10. Daven

    Different analysts that gives alerts. my capital took a u-turn from the negatvie side since i’ve joined. looking forward to 2022. One of the top discords for stocks out there, value and content is premium.

    + PROS: Never felt like I was lost following calls. Learning sessions are a plus
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  11. James

    Great server discord link needs an update on this page. Here it is

    + PROS: Enough to get you on your feet. Great sources. Alerts are fast pace.
    - CONS: Community is quiet. Only analysts are active.
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    Penny Stock Alerts Discord Server
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