ABC123Trader Discord Server also known as NinjaTrader Indicator Discord Group. This discord group is designed for all traders in the Futures, Forex, Stocks, Crytpo etc. The objective for this discord group has 3 Main Objectives.

  1. An introduction to ABC123Traders indicators and see if there are any indicators that can make you a better or more consistent trader.
  2. Education – I will be giving out education in where to pin point trades.
  3. Exchange Ideas – To share wisdom with other traders. I alone may see one thing while you may see something else. Some of my indicators that were developed were methodologies from other traders within my community.

Its possible to download the ABC123Trader Investors guide to find out what type of trader your are. To download go to the “investors pack trial channel” to download the latest version. Versions will be updated. If you have any questions regarding any of the indicators there is a investors pack questions channel.

These indicators should work on all bar types. The  general trade chat is an area to post pics and chat with other traders. If you are interested in strategies, there is a strategies chat so you can post questions on any type of strategy that is successful and not successful. videos is an area where ABC123Trader discord server moderators will post in the mornings and there are voice channels for you to share your videos and or live streams.

ABC123Trader Discord Server
ABC123Trader Discord Server
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