Earn2Trade discord server

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Earn2Trade started a discord server in July 2021. You can chat, share your experiences and explore the futures markets with other traders. So, this discord server is not for stock traders to explore stock alerts. Instead, it is specifically designed to help future traders.

Earn2Trade discord server channels list

  1. Market talk
  2. news
  3. trader chat
  4. Trading charts
  5. Psychology and mindset
  6. Strategy room

And more….

Here are the custom commands you can use that will provide you extra information via a Direct Message:

  1. !assets – This will give you all the futures assets you can find using the !chart
  2. !chart – This will give you the commands to pull up chart information on futures assets
  3. !futures – This will give you the commands and assets that you can use to pull information on the contract data, up to 12 settlements out.

There are other commands available for other types of assets (that are not futures) and other charts that allow some other configurations,

Earn2Trade discord server
Earn2Trade discord server
Trading Discord