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Atlas Trading Discord Server!!! We realize there are a ton of different channels inside of this server and it can get overwhelming! This channel can really help!

Atlas Trading Discord Channels:

  1. Trading floor channel is locked for most due to flooding the room. Our top traders are in here discussing stocks and their trades!
  2. Trader chat is available for all traders to discuss anything stock related. Stick to small caps in there as it’s under the small caps tab!
  3. Education The place to find Education would be in one/all of these channels: #youtube #ebooks #videos and #resources TOO MANY CHANNELS!? hide the groups of channels you want by going to #channel customizer.
  4. Largecap and options – Want Options, Largecaps, or Short selling channels? Check out #largecap_and_options Great guys in there!
  5. Scanner – Our famous scanner screen-share is no longer up. Trade ideas forced us to take it down. The audio is still up.
  6. The Audio Alerts Scroll all the way to the bottom of the channel list on the left hand side and join the Voice Channel titled Live Alerts and Scanner This will allow you to be in both the voice channel as well as any of the text channels. You will hear an AI voice by the name of Pepper calling out stocks that hit the screen share scanners!

You can also browse around and see all the other great channels of this server!

*ANY alert that is posted on the #trading_floor or #scalp_floor will be automatically fed into the #alerts CHANNEL. So, be sure to watch that if you’re wanting alerts.

**We (Atlas Trading Discord Server) post picks and talk about stocks all day in the locked #trading_floor channel. Only admins can type in this channel and the rest can view. This helps cut noise out.

Atlas Trading Discord Server
Atlas Trading Discord Server
Trading Discord