Xtrades Discord Server, one of the largest stocks and options trading communities with real traders providing analysis. Many of them started out as new members in this chat room and built up their account size and knowledge through experience. XTrades Discord Server goal is to filter out the noise, help you become a self-sufficient trader, and create an environment where you can interact with other real traders.

Subscription membership options: Paid and free

FreeĀ  subscription plan – you will get access to channels is limited. To activate your free trial and receive full access to all channels:

Step 1: post a message in onboarding.
Step 2: upon seeing your message in chat, this bot will activate your trial.

After your trial is over, if you want to retain or upgrade your access to XTrades discord server subscription plan sign-up page is here: members.xtrades.net

Paid subscription service – You will get access to channels what’s limited.
*To check how much time is remaining in your trial, type “trial” without the quotes in newb-chat.

You will receive access to all the channels except for:

  1. trading-resources
  2. algo discussion
  3. algo swing-beta
  4. algo daytrade beta

Only Elite Gold and Platinum Lifetime subscribers have access to those channels.

QuickĀ Guide:

EliteĀ Members

  1. Entry & Exit Alerts – stock alerts and options alerts
  2. Daily Watchlist – stock watchlists andĀ  options watchlists

Elite Gold Members

Includes all the above.

  1. Video Lesson Library – education (Youtube videos are unlisted, only our members have access)
  2. Digital Trader Courses – education (updated ones coming soon)
  3. Lifetime Webinar Pass – Watch announcements for any scheduled webinars
  4. Premium scanners and indicators – trading-resources
  5. Premium channel access – algo-discussion, algo-daytrade-beta, algo-swing-beta

Platinum Lifetime

Includes all the above.

  • 2 hours of 1 on 1 mentoring with one of XTrades analysts.

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  1. Jeremy Landis

    Buyer beware! This is a scam. I bought into this scam after a 20 day free trial. They offer me a 10% discount that was “only for the next 24 hours.” I was scared that I was going to miss out on something and bought the package on July 4th. The next day I contacted xtrades and requested a refund. They stated they don’t give refunds. I never used their service because July 4th was on a Saturday and I contacted them on Sunday. Nothing was ever stated “no refund.” I have the receipts. They sent me a receipt with a price of $998 with a statement “all sales are final.” I paid $889.20. They wouldn’t give me a refund and kicked me off of their service. I contacted my credit card company and they wouldn’t help me. They basically told me the same thing as xtrades. I work hard for my money and that is a week’s check for me before taxes. To steal someone’s money like that and not give them the service is sick. Xtrades sucks you in pretending they have great traders and help people with stocks. Where is my help? I can’t even log in to use the service. Remind you xtrades didn’t help me make one cent, but instead stole almost $1,000 from me without any repercussions. If xtrades.net is so great, why wouldn’t they give me my refund and treat it like my lost. Its because they steal people’s money with their discord. I have proof if anybody is interested.

    + PROS: They make their discord look promising of profits in the stock market, but then again no one helps you to make money.
    - CONS: They are thieves. Stole my money and locked me out of the discord. I would have sucked it up not to get a refund, but once they stopped me from using their discord is when I got angry. Do not buy their service. There is so many better traders out there who want to help make you money, instead of stealing it. God bless!
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  2. Jesse

    Xtrades is by far the best trading education and alerts server I’ve been a part of. Top notch analysts who work hard to protect member accounts through good times and bad. The education they provide on technical analysis, risk management and trade psychology is solid. They also offer 1-on-1 mentoring with some analysts and top traders from the group. Last but certainly not least are the algo based alerts channels and the new web platform that is still only in beta is already very impressive. When it comes to XT, I 10/10 recommend.

    + PROS: Fantastic educational content, Xtrades Academy, Trading Podcasts, high success rate on alerts, specialized channels for various trading strategies, custom indicators developed by some of their analysts, and lots of great people in the community that I enjoy interacting with. They are always very helpful!
    - CONS: This isn't a con of Xtrades, but really every Discord trading group I've joined and that's watching people who don't apply good risk management, oversize or YOLO their positions, and lose everything. It doesn't directly impact me in any way, but I hate to see it happen to anyone.
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  3. Joey

    I’ve only made money in Xtrades. They have a wide variety of trader types that I’ve learned from, but my favorite are the Options Swings from Guru and Wags.

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