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Hercules Investing Discord Server  – On this is a server you can discuss about trading and investment in financial markets…mainly stocks but also options, futures, forex, cryptocurrency or any other financial product that can be bought or sold.

The watchlists will display what stocks and options are on watch, but not necessarily traded. The alerts for breakout potential section will be for live trading alerts.

The main channels of Hercules Investing discord server are the stock chat and options chat. Most of the discussions will happen there and if you have any questions about investing, trading, finance, business, real estate, personal finance, or getting started in any of the above, ask away.

They promise that all of questions will be answered. Do they know if the market is 100% for sure going up or down tomorrow? No they don’t and neither does Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of all time. But you can get you into a mindset where you are able to best position yourself for both the short and long term financially.

Remember, nothing is 100% guaranteed. Decisions and their outcomes are not set probabilities, but hopefully well calculated or reasoned out risks…and thinking in that way is the first step in becoming a better trader, investor, businessperson, manager, or just decision making in life in general. That’s what Hercules Investing is all about and i hope you enjoy your time on this server!!!

Hercules Investing Discord Server
Hercules Investing Discord Server
Trading Discord