Best YouTube Day Trading Channels to Master Trading Competence

best youtube day trading channels

Video learning is a great way to learn new information. Watching and interacting with the material allows learners to retain more information. Many people learn better this way, as research has proven. YouTube is the biggest educational resource for day traders. Whether you’re watching a video on technical analysis, charting software, or trading tips, YouTube has it covered. Learning how to trade stocks, options, forex and cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be a struggle. YouTube provides a wide range of channels to help you develop the skills you need to trade online successfully. Trading on YouTube is just as popular as learning on YouTube, but what are the best YouTube trading channels? Choosing which trading channel is best for your needs can be tasking, especially with thousands of options available.

How Do Best YouTube Day Trading Channels Function?

 best youtube day trading channels

There are many channels on YouTube that deal with the subject of day trading. Some have a clear focus on the beginners and provide useful advice in the videos.

In some cases, they will provide you with an overall view of charting and analysis, and they will train you to trade based on your newly acquired knowledge.

You can learn the much you need to invest and the nitty-gritty involved when selecting stocks from the best day trading YouTube channels. They also explain various tactics or guidelines that you can use to protect you from market fluctuations.

Many traders are willing to share their skills, insights, understanding, and trading tips, tricks, plus ideas, on YouTube, which is open to traders searching for approaches to develop their trading knowledge and skills.

Trades can learn about forex trading from videos on YouTube, including research, trading, education, and a plethora of other videos that can assist traders in navigating and mastering the Forex market.

Picking a YouTube channel to follow is similar to selecting a broker and trading platform. It will be determined by the specific trader and their trading demands and objectives.

10 Best YouTube Day Trading Channels to Be on Top

Ricky Gutierrez

It is among the biggest day trading channels in the US stock markets. Ricky Gutierrez is an entrepreneur and former Wall Street trader offering a wide variety of advice. His tips include basic strategies like how to invest in penny stocks and more complicated and niche methods such as swing trading and day trading. He also regularly shares tips on stock market basics, cryptocurrency investing, real estate, and forex trading.

Meir Barak

Meir Barak, the founder of the Tradenet Day Trading Academy, founded the academy in 2004. Over the years, he has had 30,000 students graduate and launch their careers in day trading. Learn how to trade stocks on your own time with the help of Meir Barak’s YouTube channel. The experienced trader offers live video lessons throughout the week except on weekends.

Meir Barack has been active on social media for some time now, having gathered a strong audience of loyal followers. With 2 Twitter profiles, 1 Facebook group and page, and 1 Instagram page, he can reach everyone interested in the lessons he offers.

Joseph James

Joseph has been working for over a decade in the financial industry and has since grown his website,, into one of the most well-known educational resources for day traders worldwide. He is also regarded as an industry leader in education and developing new trading strategies for the financial markets.

Joseph runs a daily trading room with his students at, where he teaches and demonstrates his trading strategy to give them an interactive environment in which to learn.


ClayTrader has created a YouTube channel to help its followers improve their trading techniques and provide a better understanding of basic trading psychology. The content helps people learn how to trade and discover their trading strategies.

When visiting the channel, you should head to the Trading 101 section. There are videos available for newbies in the trading market. They will walk you through the vital information all-day trading starters need.

Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading is an educational course for stock traders and investors that teaches people how to make a living trading stock. The founder wants to help students trade more profitably, so he created a YouTube channel where he gives students free educational content on his daily trades.

Adam Khoo

As of 2016, Adam Khoo’s YouTube channel has experienced significant growth, reaching around 837,000 followers. Because of the wealth of free and useful information available on the channel, it’s not surprising that he’s so popular. Adam has written best-selling trading books. He is also a professional stocks and forex trader. On his YouTube channel, you’ll get educational videos on various trading topics and information on current investment opportunities in the financial markets.

It is the mission of to provide clear and understandable insights into the financial markets to assist traders in their endeavors.

‘Trading Nomads’ is what they call themselves because they fly worldwide trading using their PCs everywhere they go. The concept that underpins the operation of the channel is founded on dedication, commitment, and the desired state of mind.

The emphasis is on empowering every trader to achieve their financial goals by trading. The channel provides playlists covering topics like:

  • Candlestick trading
  • Trading psychology
  • Technical analysis
  • Trading strategies

Timothy Sykes

Penny stocks cost little yet may be tremendously profitable. The Timothy Sykes channel is a utopia for people seeking to learn about penny stocks.

Owner and Founder Timothy Sykes is a penny stock trader and analyst who is best known for converting $12,415 in Bar Mitzvah monetary gifts into a hefty $1.65 million while still a student at the University. The individual has approximately 20 years of trading history and provides useful insight into penny stock trading. His YouTube channel has amassed a subscriber base of over 457K, with an overall watch time of 32.86M across 1.62K videos that he has posted.

Option Alpha

Option Alpha is a YouTube channel devoted to options trading. The creators created the channel intending to provide a wide variety of options for education to the public for free. It has managed to garner over 263,000 subscribers over the years.

A deep and extensive options trading series can be found on the channel, with a single playlist devoted to the entire novice. 

The Boiler Room

Connor Pollifrone founded The Boiler Room. This YouTube channel serves as a forum for teaching healthy trading approaches to a diverse range of investors and traders. The channel is particularly well-known for its day trading calls. It is also known for its trading re-caps, and it has extensive playlists of trading content.


Bloomberg is yet another popular leader in the finance space that doesn’t require much of an introduction. Visiting is a part of most traders’ daily trading routines, and here is the YouTube channel dedicated to the financial news provider. You’ll get videos on various current world topics, including business, politics, and the environment, to name a few examples. Watching Bloomberg’s YouTube channel a must-do for any experienced trader.

Final Thought on Best YouTube Day Trading Channels

 best youtube day trading channels

There are numerous aspects to consider when selecting the perfect channel for you- like whether or not you like the host, several viable options are available. That is why you need to find the most suitable one for you.

It would be best if you learned enough concerning trading and strategy from either of the YouTube channels listed above. After watching them, the content will help you feel confident and secure to plunge your feet into the market.

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