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38,252 Members - 2020.12.24

Boiler Room Trading Discord Server  was founded by Connor Pollifrone. He began investing at the tender age of 18 and quickly came down with the stock trading bug. Since turning 20, Pollifrone, a full-time trader and investor for the last five years, has been focused on figuring out the secrets of the market. But he hasn’t stopped there. It’s also his passion to teach other people about how they can discover what’s best for them in the market. That’s why he founded Boiler Room.
He offers a wide array of courses on his website and definitely has useful information to share. So if you really want to become a better day trader, Boiler Room is worth your consideration.
#Daytrading, the most visited channel on his server, brings together thousands of traders. Subscribers who go with the premium package, however, get some value-added extras. These include live stream stock scanners, daily stock watchlist, daily live audio, and a webinar class each week led by Pollifrone.
So if you fancy working on your stock trading with a pro while benefiting from mentorship opportunities, the Boiler Room server should be on your list.

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  1. mike

    Boiler room trading is one of the worst stock groups on the internet.
    The members and moderators are a bunch of babies that whine and cry and attack everyone just because Bit Coin or stocks go up. It is the most negative group on the entire web.

    If you like getting money you will be attacked by other members and mods because they get jealous when other people make money. If you make money, you will be attacked.

    The group is a total shit show and a total joke, stay away.

    + PROS: its cheap
    - CONS: you get attacked by other members for getting money. you get attacked by the moderators for getting money. All the members and moderators root for everything to drop and cry and whine like little babies when stocks go up. BRT is the most negative stock group on the internet, people can't handle stocks going up.
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  2. Mike

    This is a bad trading group. The people are terrible, they whine and cry over everything. When Bit Coin or the stock market go up, the people in the group start to dry about it?
    Members of the group are very rude and they attack, insult, and harass other members.. I watched people harass other members repeatedly and the moderators did not care at all.

    If you are going to cry every time the stock market goes up, you are in the wrong business. Stay away from this group the people in the group will attack you repeatedly if you are bullish on the stock market.

    + PROS: Its cheap
    - CONS: The members cry and whine, and then attack, insult, and harass other members.
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    Boiler Room Trading Discord Server
    Boiler Room Trading Discord Server
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