12 Topmost NFT Discord Servers You Should Know

Discord NFT communities

NFT Discord Servers

More than other social platforms, NFT Discord Servers provide early access to data about NFTs, allowing you to spot possible NFT projects.

NFT collectors should join a discord community to find out what the next big NFT venture will be like in the future. More time spent in the many NFT discord communities will assist you in identifying the next biggest and most promising prospective NFT projects.

If you’re an NFT entrepreneur, you should consider joining the discord server for the specific NFT project you’re interested in to see how involved the communities are. The more engaged the community, the greater the likelihood of the Non-Fungible Token Projects being successful.

For NFT artists, experts recommended that they participate in some discord server where they can gain inspiration from other NFT artists and not feel isolated.

The most important thing to do for those just starting out or learning is to join the proper NFT Discord servers.

Best NFT Discord Servers

NFTNEWSPRO Discord Server 1502 members


An active NFT Discord server, NFTNEWSPRO has many members, including well-known collectors and artists. What distinguishes this discord server from others, like Foundation and OpenSea, is that it doesn’t restrict its services to customers who conduct trades on the server, allowing all NFT enthusiasts to interact and share stories via the discord. This feature enables NFTNWESPRO to be an exception, resulting in thousands of daily visitors to the platform. Users don’t have to waste too much time searching for their best subjects or shilling their art because it provides places for multiple platforms like OpenSea, Rarible, and so on. NFTNEWSPRO discord server is a good place to be aware of the most popular art lovers. 

Join NFTNEWSPRO Discord Server


Crypto Baristas Discord Server 21,761 members

Crypto Baristas

Crypto Baristas, located in New York City, is the planet’s first NFT-funded café.

If you’re searching for a cutting-edge project with practical applications, you want to check out Crypto Baristas’ Discord channel.

Caffeinated perks are available to Crypto Barista shareholders at all potential cafe locations and online sites for the rest of their lives. The “Barista Bank,” a 15 percent fund allotted from the project’s earnings for potential use in the coffee industry, is also under the direct authority of the shareholders. Some of the possible advantages for the Barista Bank include the capacity to assist nonprofit groups in the coffee industry, progress the Crypto Barista task, or start something completely different. Stick to the Crypto Baristas Discord Server and enjoy all the benefits.

Join Crypto Baristas Discord Server

NFT Discord Server

NFT Discord Servers

If you’re a novice to NFTs, NFT Instagram and Discord are excellent places to begin your exploration. The NFT discord server has a 20,000 members, and the group’s Instagram account has over 500 thousand followers. What’s fantastic regarding both NFT Discord Server and Instagram is that they’re always on top of the latest news in the Non-Fungibles Token world, making them an excellent place to keep up with the latest developments.

Artists can use the NFT Discord’s “IG Feature” channel to have their work featured on their Instagram. The “Project” channel can be a fantastic resource when it comes to promoting your job and making contacts with other creators, and the “Project” channel can be a fantastic resource.

Join NFT Discord Server

Meta Generation Discord Server 5069

A new but ambitious project, Meta Generation, pledges to become the single most significant channel for interaction and skill development on Web3.

Web3 newbies: Meta Generation will start with Level 1 of their plan, and they’ll keep making content that will aid you to give you a successful entrance into the crypto world.

Web3 veteran with years of experience: Eventually, this facet of Meta Generation begins to be rather interesting to consider. Its creators anticipate that the Meta Generation discord server will be a top-of-the-class networking tool for all those willing to collaborate with someone in the sector. Meta Generation is the most trusted and thoroughly vetted source when connecting you with other link-minded persons in the marketplace.

Meta Generation is still in its early stages, but it has a sturdy and well-thought-out blueprint that’s well worth following.

Join Meta Generation Discord Server

Enter Discord Server 38,200 members

NFT Discord Servers

Enter is a group of app developers, artists, and musicians working on a new NFT platform based on the Binance Smart Chain. Their platform enables a sustainable environment for inventors, collectors, and investors alike with a wholly integrated smart contract. A smart network of artists has created a next-generation creative trade platform with minimal service fees and easy solutions. To find out all about NFT, check the Enter Discord Server.

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Decentraland Discord Server 168,751 members

Decentraland is a virtualization technology with its Decentralized Autonomous Organization, also called DAO, which decentralizes control of the digital universe and gives it over to the virtual space users.

The virtual in-game resources like wearables, land and other items in Decentraland’s environment are driven by its economy of digital in-game components.

When it comes to NFT gameplay, Decentraland is the initiative and Discord channel you should pay attention to these days.

View all the advantages of the Decentraland discord server just click on the button. 

Join Decentraland Discord Server

Rarible Discord Server 130, 523 members

NFT Discord Servers

The second most popular NFT marketplace, Rarible regularly hosts significant projects. Bored Ape Yacht Club, MekaVerse, Creature World, Crypto Baristas, and Cryptoadz are just a few of the projects that have emerged in the Rarible market recently.

For anyone interested in NFTs, including artists, developers, and investors, Rarible’s website and Discord channel are ideal.

Rarible hosts open talks in their “Stages” channel about Rarible improvements, additional features, art, and special guests.

Not planning on launching on Rarible? The Rarible Discord Server forum is worth joining.

Join Rarible Discord Server

OpenSea Discord Server

NFT Discord Servers

OpenSea is still the biggest NFT marketplace in terms of volume, and it has a Discord channel with more than 135k subscribers. It’s similar to Rarible in that it provides a plethora of tools for individuals just getting started in NFTs, along with those wishing to incorporate the OpenSea platform into their web page.

The OpenSea Discord server hosts a thriving #News channel which receives all of its content directly through OpenSea’s Official Twitter handle. Additionally, there is a #Community-Help forum on OpenSea in which other members can aid with basic and occasionally extremely complex questions.

Join OpenSea Discord Server

MekaVerse Discord Server 204,507 members

NFT Discord Servers

The MekaVerse is an 8,888 generating Meka containing components from the Japan Mecha world. Each piece of artwork is unique and has its color scheme and design, making each Meka a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

The Makaverse discord channel has more than 150,000 registered users. If you are a member of the Mekaverse community, you will get access to everything going on in the universe as quickly as possible. Just stick to the MekaVerse Discord Server and be impressed by the works there. 

Join MekaVerse Discord Server

Nouns Discord Server

NFT Discord Servers

Nouns is among the most innovative initiatives in the space, and it is unquestionably one to watch in the future. As savvy investors, individuals may be charged out of the project, given the average cost of a single Noun, which currently stands at more than 150 ETH per day on the exchanges. That said, this venture is an excellent one to pursue because its quest and governance premise push the boundaries of what’s possible with NFT. Check Nouns Discord Server for more understanding.

Join Nouns Discord Server

VeeFriends Discord Server 21,658 members


Gary Vaynerchuck’s NFT collections are called VeeFriends. You join the VeeFriends network and gain entry to VeeCon through possessing a VeeFriends NFT.

Vee Con is an all-day event for NFT holders only. You get a 3-year pass from NFT. Gary’s primary goal is to give the finest experience to the trading community by providing information and access to all attendees. The VeeFriends discord server has over 155,000 participants. What’s more, the VeeFriends discord server is a super community for getting knowledge of the NFT-space.

Join VeeFriends Discord Server

NFT Hideout XYZ Discord Server 10,887

Non-fungible Token (NFT) Hideout is a platform devoted to NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts, Collectors, Investors, and Creators interested in NFT and Cryptocurrency. For the time being, NFT Hideout seems to be a smaller channel that may be recommendable for people who do not want to get swept under the rug.

Participants can shill their artwork, discuss popular questions about NFT, and delve into the technology advancement behind unique NFT initiatives in this channel, like other NFT channels. For more useful information check the NFT Hideout discord server.

Join Hideouts Discord Server

Final Thought on NFT Discord Servers

Smart Example of Best NFT Discord Servers

12 Topmost NFT Discord Servers You Should Know

If you’re an avid NFT collector or just someone who enjoys crypto-collectibles — then it’d be in your best interest to join an NFT discord server. NFT discord servers are springing up everywhere, and they can be a great place to meet other collectors, chat with developers and early adopters, and stay in the loop on promising new projects.

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