United Traders discord server try out whether you’re new to the day trader space or you’re a seasoned pro. By connecting the inexperienced with the experienced, United Traders seeks to create an iron-sharpens-iron type of environment where all participants can hone their trading skills.

What you’ll discover is that this Discord server is among the crème de la crème. Its focus on bringing together newbies and experts means it’s a great option whether you’re still getting accustomed to the day trading space or you’re a seasoned pro with a wealth of knowledge to pass onto those eager to learn the ropes.

The United Traders discord server offers regular promotions, a watch list that’s updated every day, chat groups focused on different subject matter, and more. You can take part in the various chat groups that particularly pique your interests – whether forex, or options – as well as engage in voice chats with your mentors or mentees.

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  1. Exceed

    Think it’s about time I write up one of these…
    So I started learning about trading back in feb/march, then put in real money in april after a couple success’s in april i got cocky in may, and as you can see I pretty much blew a chunk of my account after going 200x leverage on forex.
    I’ve been in United Traders Discord Server for a while but only in june did i start exploring the resources and actively contributing wherever I could, I read up as much as I could, like 25 books and like countless pages of online investopedia resources in July – september, switched to swing trading, and started taking all this seriously in october. Up like 24% in the 3 month since.
    Despite being fresh outta high school, United Traders Discord still accepted me, and treated me as a equal which I am grateful for. I’ve learnt a ton, honestly more than I’ve learnt in first year uni, its been amazing interacting with people from different walks of life and I hope the gains are even greater in 2021.
    Shout out to all those who supported me, you know who you are, too many to list out haha

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  2. Jeff (Options Trader)

    VRM is up 25% in my portfolio from where @- TJ (SwingingForward) alerted. (This wasn’t even the first alert) Many of us have been trying to reinvent the wheel rather than learning from the resources on this room. I know I’m guilty of wanting to “do it myself”. I have been here for a long time (3 years or close to it) and I think I’m finally at a point where I am “teachable”. Some of you will read this and be like, “dannng, three years and he still don’t have it together.” Yup! And I’m proud that I can admit that. I’ve blown accounts and learned hard lessons, I’m mentally at a place to be retrained. Slow and steady gains is truly the goal AND the road to success. Options are nice and flashy, but they will eat your account alive if you aren’t truly ready. This is part a testimonial in that I have learned a lot while here. It is also an admission that I have not given my all at time and I have repeated some mistakes. Lastly, this is a commitment, for me more so than you all… A commitment to give it 100% this time around. Get myself on the right track and then share that knowledge with others.

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  3. BioBucks

    Execs, gotta hand it to you, you’ve built one of the best trading groups out there. As a college student studying finance, I’ve been interested in finance for a while but never took the time to learn about personal investing, rather I leaned towards career preparation on the sell side. Since my buddy (shoutout @theesotericrunner ) got me onto UT, I’ve learned an unspeakable amount. From fundamental analysis to learning basic technicals to risk management to trading techniques, you guys have given me great confidence in constructing my own investment theses, bouncing them off of fellow members, and of course gotta love TJ’s impeccable swing trade ideas. Look forward to spending years in UT and achieving financial freedom early and effectively together as one. See you guys at market open!

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  4. aiden

    Hello all, I have been in UT for about a month now, and I would just like to create a testimonial to thank everyone in this wonderful community for their generous help over the time I have been in here. When i joined, I was trading just as you would suspect a noob would, buying and selling with no knowledge of the charts or any of its data. I would like to specifically thank @-Blonde (Head of Onboarding) for the countless answers to my questions and for constantly pushing me in the right direction as a trader. There is so much to learn about and jump in on when you are around such a great group of people. After a month of spending time lurking in the chat or reading any of the helpful subject that the UT staff has provided for us, I am proud to say that I am gradually starting to increase my day’s gain as time passes. I finally am comfortable reading charts and analyzing data to conduct my own decisions, and I owe it all to UT. The culture here is something that I am so thankful to have found and utilized to better myself as a trader. I hope to stay here as long as it is around.
    Thank you so much to anyone who has helped me and to all of those working to make UT great.

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  5. Panthers88

    Thank you UT! I started trading last year to help pay down some of my Daughters medical bills. She was born with complex Heart issues which requires several open heart surgeries. Since finding this community, I’ve learned more about trading and TJ swing alerts have helped tremendously. My portfolio has grown 58% since joining UT so I just wanted to say thank you!

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  6. LilMayo

    Was trading on and off for about 4 years, never being consistent and really only just losing money, blew up 3 accounts over the years. Came here looking for some guidance and certainly have found it. My equity curve has gone from a gradual decline to a flat section, and am now slowly gaining back all those losses. It feels good! I stopped trying to day trade the “hot penny stock” of the day and now just swing trade my watchlist of mid caps and blue chips with the group. Super helpful tips, the call outs are great and everyone is super friendly and willing to help when its needed. Very grateful for this group! Will be back in the green and on my way to financial freedom in no time.

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  7. Vivi

    I’ve been in this group for about 8 months now. I was hooked since joining and have learned so much listening to the team on voice almost every single day since March 2020. After many months of listening, learning, soaking up the knowledge I made a big change in my 401k and decided to sell the mutual funds and manage it myself buying equities and ETFs. Mostly swing and long holding in there. With the guidance and support of the team I am pleased to report the below gain/loss stats in about 3 months. UT helping people change their future. Special shouts to @- TJ (SwingingForward) @-BinTraden (MidCap Monster) @JZ @-J.Gotti (Director of Marketing) @- Kbiggs (Political Advisor) @-Blonde (Head of Onboarding) and many many more. Excited to continue learning and helping others on the path to financial freedom.

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  8. Star Platinum

    I started looking into finance and the stock market around april during the first corona pandemic wave. I didn’t have anything to do except study for my pharmaceutical exams, so I started watching some youtube guru’s. It went REAAALLY bad, I lost 20% of my small investment of a 1000, that’s actually a lot for a poor belgian student like me xd. That made me scared of the stock market and I stopped trading altogether. A couple months later I found you guys, through tradingview and have been reading all kinds of books and testing strategies in my free time. It was the first time I started NOT LOSING. I made good use of all the videos and other stuff you guys put up and started making profit. I’ve been making a good amount of money now thanks to UT and I’m happy to contribute to this community that really helps out people instead getting money out of them. Respect to TJ and everyone that’s helping people like me get into trading without being scammed by some random YT guru.

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  9. Amzi

    So it was an accident that i found this group when i was thinking to start my own channel, usually a trading group is all about alerts or we make you rich or we will give you exact entry and exit points. No, thats one group you should never join instead always look for a group where you get tremendous amount of information when it comes to trading. United traders kind of group where i usually browse channels around looking to pick lot of information whats going around in the market which you usually cant get all. In stock market, some decisions are best taken when you are aware of it and i think this group got good people who believe in sharing the information. I consider myself a professional trader but learning is something no one should stop. Always be hungry when it comes to learn the charts, those indicators, those vwap, pivots, RSI, MACD. Make plans, make your strategy, be consistent and be a successful trader. Even after trading so long, I seen some wonderful learning content on this channel. To many years to come, I will try to give back part of my knowledge (if ever i come to that level) to this wonderful group. Happy trading and my only advice to each and every new trader, never use Margin money…god bless you all

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  10. Jeff

    Hey every1, I’ve been in UT since Feb, 2020 right b4 the crash. Who would have thought that I’d be coming into one of the WILDEST markets of this generation. I came in as just a plain, old divvy investor thinking that the best your average joe can get is 7% a year in the market and wanted to just learn a bit more about trading/investing. I never would have expected that I would enter into such a motivated, diligent group dedicating themselves to better their craft, all while being a fantastic support group! I’ve spent my 1st month of March trading, dabbling into different markets and financial instruments, understanding jargon and figuring how it all works. My 2nd month in April, still kind of lost and overwhelmed by the steep learning curve, combined with this market makes it all that much harder for a newb to maneuver through. I didn’t see any progress nor was I happy with my results and was about to step away for good and go back to being an average investor… buy SPY500 companies and sit on them… until I decided to stop with the pity mentality and began to apply what I’ve learned.
    On my 3rd month in United Traders Discord, I decided to just take the smallest, best trades based off of what I’ve studied and known, and before you knew it…. I was making money. It wasn’t easy going through all the emotions and decisions, but on my small account I’ve found success. Then fast forward to my fourth month, I started to see the money flow in…at this point I felt the progress… In 4 months, I went from being clueless to being CONSISTENTLY profitable and I couldn’t have done it without being in UT!!!! So many resources in the form of material, data, & people to rely on, it’s INSANE! In just FOUR months, I’ve become consistent AND profitable. Couldn’t have done it anywhere else but here.
    Amazing group, I hope UT grows for years to come.
    Special shoutout to @-Souya @- TJ (SwingingForward) and the Nite Krewe!!! You know who you are!!! 1800!!

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  11. el blondie

    viva la UT

    + PROS: creates wealth
    - CONS: more money more problems
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  12. GustiSok

    I joined the team a few years ago, but wasn’t really active until November 2020 when I decided to actually do something about my trading strategy and ask for help.
    Since then, numerous charts and respective technical analysis on real-time traded tickers have been provided by the UT community (along with tons of general trading educational material) and have taught me how to _properly_ trade, assess the market status and manage risk properly.
    The way I trade today has changed significantly since my early days – and so has my success in the market (for the better, of course. :)) – all thanks to UT team.
    I won’t put any names here cause the list would be way too long – but kudos to you guys and keep up the good work!!!111oneone 🙂
    One more thing – tips, tricks, strategies and ideas shared within UT community are second to none – and it is all for free. The more you participate, the more you will gain from the community and vice versa.

    + PROS: Well managed and helpful communityNo payment of any sort to participate - the more you contribute in terms of communication, the more you will gain as well.Tons of useful content shared on a daily basis.You'll often get a detailed analysis on some good tickers that aren't 'running' yet but have deep fundamental/long term value.
    - CONS: - Sometimes its hard to keep up with the amount of information shared.- Some info that gets shared is not always beginner friendly - but it can be extremely valuable if you can force yourself to sit down and study (nobody will do that for you - though you might receive a tip on where to look and what to look for.
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  13. Freedom T

    UT changed my life. I thought I could never be a profitable trader and had given up to just holding dividend stocks. When I joined UT, it changed my trading forever. I have a busy lifestyle and can’t dedicate as much time as I’d like to, but I am well on the way to being more profitable (consistently) than I have ever been!! Thank you to the UT Team for all the selfless hours they put in to help others.

    + PROS: Learn to make money consistently in all market conditions
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  14. Fedism

    I started trading on my own in 2018 during the bitcoin boom, the first coming. During that time I was trying to make money as a daytrader with having any knowledge on investments and trying to follow people on stocktwits and discord. A true penny sheep. I quit trading during that time after losing half of my account. I could not deal with the emotional impact of being wrong.
    Two years later, I start to get interested in investing again, after hearing that the mother load of buying opportunities had come during the world pandemic of 2020. I came back to trading in 2020, this time trying to trade options and make it big, once again I had failed but didn’t want to give up. I remembered that when I used to join channel on discord, a stockbot would always greet me for joining it. I searched up the old chat box, and found my way to the United Traders discord. I rejoined UT. After being in UT for a month I had lost have of my account on options again and was really down because of it. Until I realized that I was a huge fish in the ocean that is the market. I started speaking to the members of UT, started to open up to the and become invested into this server. That is when I started to become a better trader. When I started to become part of the community, going through all of the educational stuff, reading books and talking to the executives. I realized that making a quick buck wasn’t the path I was searching for, the path I am looking towards to is creating generational wealth for my family, my future family and myself. Something I never thought about until I started to take it seriously. I honestly thought that I would quit after 3 months, I have been at it for 15 months now and though I am still learning, I know I way better then I could have been alone. For that I thank UT. Thank you UT for investing time into our community and I hope that I am able to one day invest back and bring joy to the community as well. UT cares for you success, and you should too!

    + PROS: Understand the marketsLearn how to maneuver during different market conditionsFun timesDad jokesFind your trading nicheOpen your world of trading
    - CONS: A lot of information to absorbThis is not an alert service, so don't come for that.
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  15. Your favorite volboy, Kit

    UT is one of the best. High level traders with tons of experience who are willing to teach. The material, while not easy, pays out huge dividends in money and understanding the market. Some of the material includes things like CFA curriculum, fundamental research, market structure. Overall a phenomenal group with top tier traders and leaders. Highly recommended to come lurk, ask questions, and learn.

    + PROS: Tons of material to learn fromGreat fundamental analysisFormer and current industry prosAwesome research and DDHigh hit ratesVeteran traders have tips and understand tax obligationsNo pumping
    - CONS: Huge serverSo much learning material it can be overwhelming
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  16. Goon

    3/5 stars, meh.
    Not really anything special, just another run of the mill trading server. Community Traders are nice, friendly, and are actively seeking to foster an environment that promotes both positivity and education. However, (some) of the staff members are total tools.
    If you’re looking to learn, I would highly advice against joining these crypto communities unless you’ve been doing this for a while. Instead, you should go outside, network, live life, work/study hard, cause good things come to those that keep their eyes open and ears to the ground. Stay 10 down <3

    + PROS: Cool TradersNot a Signals ServerEdumacation ResourcesFight Night?Sunshine, Rainbows, Lollipops
    - CONS: Typical Discord Chat Mods / Admins that hold 0 authority in real life, so they take it out on you. First time I've actually experienced this before, thought it was a meme.
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  17. -W

    Have been an active member over a year now, and it is a great community to be in. The group is based 100% on the team volunteering, and is not a paid alert service. There is mountains of knowledge to learn and absorb on trading, investing, and overall market psychology.

    + PROS: - Friendly to knew traders- Huge knowledge base- Free (volunteer)
    - CONS: - None
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  18. Christine

    It’s a larger server with good traders however difficult to navigate unorganized and the staff is really unprofessional and pushy.

    + PROS: good traders sizable community helpful members
    - CONS: unorganized spammy staff
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