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Tradenet Review – Become a Better Trader

Based on Tradenet review, Tradenet funded account is a day trade education program that provides you (a day trader) with various trading programs. Each program includes essential resources such as trading, sessions, courses, analysis, methods, and much more.

It is important to note that you have to close a trade before closing the market as a day trader. Day trading is not a strange concept among traders who want to make daily achievements. However, when using short-term trading methods in the stock market, you must also utilize high leverage.

If you are new to day trading or if you’d like to improve your trading skills. You can receive live education from Tradenet, a respected trading academy.

What is Tradenet Funded Account

The Tradenet Funded Account is a combination of many days trading learning packages. It is designed to aid traders in two categories:

  • New traders. These are traders with little knowledge of trading.
  • Those traders who would wish to improve their trading skills a little more.

Whichever group you are in, you can join and benefit from the program.

Also, a Tradenet funded account lets you apply to trade with the capital they provide you when you are eligible and qualified. Eligible traders can get up to $240,000 capital and earn a net profit of 85%.

How Tradenet Funded Account Program Works

Tradenet has several excellent stock packages to help you dive into the trading process and gain the knowledge you’ll need to develop yourself into a professional trader.


Tradenet’s intro account is for beginners. It has every material required to start trading. The packages include;

  • The Self-study Course offers you access for one year. Here you receive plenty of learning units, interactive lessons, training videos, and Tests. Among the topics you get to receive here include:
    • Day trading principles.
    • The use of sectors, indices, and prominent stocks in practice.
    • Trading on set quantities instead of fixed money.
    • Analyzing the stock market.
    • The use of Fibonacci sequences and moving averages.
  • One month access to Live Trading Chat Room. Tradent introduces you to their top traders, and then you incorporate their strategies as you grow in trading.
  • Market Whisperer copy (This is a trading book).
  • Your Demo trading account. This demo is like a real-life simulator. , You put your skills to task for 14 days when placed under actual market conditions

With Tradenet’s Intro program, you get to keep 70% of your winnings. The only condition is that you have to keep the maximum drawdown of $700.


The Tradenet’s Student program is second after Intro. In this program, you receive the following package:

  • All content in the intro program.
  • One-month weekly mentorship. The weekly membership offers you one-on-one personal training so that you become better at trading. In addition, every week, your mentors aid you in solving any market difficulties or questions you may have.
  • Three months access to Star Trader Course. Going for the Star Trade Course separately will cost you $1,900. However, with the free addon, you will receive:
    • Online video training for a total of 15 hours.
    • Access to all class recordings when you miss a class.
    • Trading techniques with estimated risk.

Among the topics included in the Star Trader Course include:

  • The United States stock market.
  • The market indicators.
  • Fundamental analysis.
  • Japanese candlesticks.
  • Market psychology
  • Reversal patterns.
  • Trading methodology.

This program makes you eligible for an $80,000 Tradenet funded account. You get to keep 75% of your profits. The maximum loss you can reach is $4,000.


The Expert program is just what the name implies; it is for advanced traders. It comes with the following package;

  • Everything in the Student’s program.
  • Three-month access to Global Markets Course. Here you will get live sessions and mentoring so that you are well-grounded in global markets trading and forex trading fundamentals. Also, you will be able to learn about currency trading.

The program makes you eligible for a $160,000 Tradenet Funded Account. You get to keep 80% of the winnings you earn and a maximum loss of $8,000.


The professional program is the top-of-the-class of Tradenet’s funded accounts. By enrolling in this program, you get full access to every privilege that Tradent has to offer. But there’s more to it. You get six months of access to the Top Trader Course.

Also, the professional account allows you to keep 85% of the winnings you gain if you attain a maximum drawdown of $12,000.

Tradenet Costs / Fees

As we’ve seen in the previous segment, Tradenet offers four learning programs and funded accounts. Each package has a unique cost or fee. 

  • The Intro Package costs $500 
  • The Student Package costs $3,000
  • For the Expert package, you get to pay a fee of $6,000
  • Finally, for the Pro package, you pay a $9,000 fee.

Check out the table below if you’d like to see the different packages that come with each Tradenet program you enroll for.

Tradenet Review

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Is a Tradenet Funded Account Good for you? 

According to the Tradenet review, a Tradenet funded account has many resources that are for any trader with any difficulty and skill level. Tradenet offers its learners a 14-day trial for the Live Trading Chat Room and what seems like a 14-day money-back guarantee for the programs. 

Therefore, you are free to try it out and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, you’ll get your money back.


Tradenet Review Outline

Tradenet is a respected brand. That’s because it has trained more than 30,000 successful traders. But at the same time, it could have its downsides. Let’s take a look at both sides of the coin.


  • The educational materials Tradenet provides are a treasure for every online trader.
  • It has a secure payout and payment options.
  • You do not experience any delays during payouts.
  • You are not limited to money-making.
  • They offer 24/7 online customer support.
  • There are a variety of programs that satisfy traders’ individual needs.


  • You do not keep all the profits you earn. Instead, you share an agreed percentage with Tradenet.
  • Buying Tradenet packages is not cheap.

The Tradenet pros are way too many than the cons, which means that you stand to gain more than you may lose when you enroll in any Tradenet program.

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