Traders4Traders Funded Account Review

What is Traders4Traders Funded Account

Traders4traders is a top online trading academy that offers online forex trading courses and workshops. Through these, traders can learn, practice, and trade. The traders4traders funded account is part of the programs which the firm offers. It allows forex traders to access initial capital without risking their funds. With this account, traders keep up to 80% of their profits as traders4traders take up all the risks. 

You can get a funded account by going through the entire training program. However, if you have trading knowledge, you can sign up for a funded account of any size and scale up as your experience and performance improve. You will get to trade forex, equity, and commodity indices.

Foundation Trading Forex Courses

Traders4Traders funded account

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This is the first module of the T4T’s Diploma in Professional Forex Trading and costs $499 with 20 hours of Demand Lessons. It is most suitable for beginners, investors, institutions, and retail traders.

This module covers all that you need to know to start on the path of Forex trading. It is content-intensive and covers areas like;

  • To trade like a bank trader
  • Industry-standard methodology
  • What causes the Forex market to move

This module is in two parts: 

Forex Pro Trading Course

The course gives you all the particular knowledge that all investment bank traders learn over several years in the market. As such, students will have a better sense of judgment when trading so they can execute error-free trading plans without hesitation.

Advanced Forex Pro Trading Course

Pro Trading course expands your trading skills by equipping you with several advanced trading strategies bankers use for high performance. Every approach presented here focuses on a particular tool or market setup that will give you leverage once identified.

Once you complete the course, traders4traders will give you a $100,000 demo trading account to prove your skills. If you pass the practical assessment, you will be given a funded $100,000 live trading account and an entitlement to share the profits. 

Advanced Forex Trader Workshop

Traders4Traders funded account

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The Advanced Forex Trader Workshop takes you deeper into Technical and Fundamental Analysis, Risk Management, and the Refinitiv Metastock Xenith News Service. This module costs $1,499. Although suitable for beginners to experts, it requires a perfect understanding of the Foundation Forex Trading Course.

By the time you finish this course, you will:

  • Have market knowledge
  • Be able to generate trade ideas
  • Be able to manage capital
  • Know the clinical execution of the trade plan.

The practical assessment involves being given access to a $250,000 account. If you breach the drawdown limits, you will pay a reset fee of $500 to get the opportunity for funding for traders. You will get a fully funded live account with $250,000 to trade if you pass the assessment.

You will also sign an agreement with traders4traders capital. If you make a 10% profit and meet all the performance metrics, T4T will scale up your funded account to $500,000. 

Trader Development Program 

Traders4Traders funded account

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The Trader Development Program is the third module of the diploma program that costs $4,999. To be eligible for this program, you must have finished the first two modules. This course is best for individuals with intermediate to expert experience. 

By taking up this program, you are preparing yourself to become a full-time trader with capital from traders4traders or any other forex funding company.

The program is divided into three parts

  • Team training objective
  • One on one training objective
  • Trading live accounts

In this program, you need to take up an assessment by trading a $500,000 account. To pass this test, you should make a 10% profit and meet all other performance metrics. The volume required for this account size is 250 standard lots. If you pass it, you will get a live $500,000 funded account to trade. In addition, you will sign a trading agreement with T4TCapital.

If you break the limits for the first time, your account will be suspended for a week since there’s no reset fee in this program. If it happens for the second time, the suspension will be for two weeks. This trend applies with every breach until you pass this assessment.

The completion of this entire program makes you eligible for the 100% tuition rebate scheme. That includes all the tuition fees, including the workshop costs. You will get 100% reimbursement of all profits within this stage to the agreed amount.

Upon full reimbursement, you will continue using the profit share schedule. With this, you get the opportunity to get the entire program at no cost.

Traders4Traders Costs

Despite the course charges, Traders4traders has different account sizes with varying costs.

$25,000 Account size costs $199 with a profit target of $2,500. The weekly loss limit is $500 with a maximum loss limit of $1,000. With the $50,000 account, the price is $250, with the other costs double.

The $100,000 account costs $350. The profit target is $10,000 with a weekly target of $2,000 and a maximum loss limit of $4,000.

There are other bigger account sizes with considerable funding of up to $1,000,000. Each account has a particular profit share schedule that starts at 50% to 80% as you scale up.

Traders4Traders Graduation 

Once you have completed the Trader Development Program and scaled up your account to $1M, the mentors will evaluate and assess you to see your readiness.

These are the main areas of evaluation;

  • Drawdowns versus overall profitability
  • Understanding of the market
  • Teamwork, contribution, and attendance of weekly webinars

The CEO will make the final determination for your graduation. If you are successful, you will become an Associate Trader with access to the T4TCapital Incubator Fund. Therefore, it is unlikely that you do not graduate at this stage. However, suppose you don’t graduate; the mentors will walk with you until you meet all the requirements. 

Benefits of Investing with Traders4Traders Funded Account

There are several advantages of having a funded account. Throughout this traders4traders review, this is the summary of the numerous benefits of having this funded account.

  • You can trade from any location.
  • The account parameters are flexible with bigger trade sizes, trading accounts, weekly and maximum drawdowns.
  • You have access to a dedicated performance dashboard through which you can monitor your risks and limits as you trade.
  • It offers a high-profit share of up to 80%.
  • You can scale up your account by getting a 10% profit.
  • No monthly subscriptions.
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