OneUp Trader Funded Account Review

What is a OneUp Trader Funded Account?

OneUp Trader Funded Account gives traders access to capital to grow in trade while exercising independent thought and decision making. However, to qualify for this account, you have to prove your eligibility as a successful trader. The beauty in all this is that there are no standardized trading strategies to keep up with; you only have to use your thoughts to maximize your potential.

How will OneUp Trader prove that you have the correct command of skills to become a successful trader? Going through the one-step evaluation program provides an accurate answer. More on this later.

In this OneUp Trader review, the primary focus will be to present to you all you need to know before you can sign up with OneUp Trader. 

Now, let’s begin with the basics.

How OneUp Trader Funded Account Works

Once you start the evaluation program, the OneUp Trader team will look into your progress on how you handle the trades. Then, as you go on with it, you can track, measure, and share your progress, so you are sure that you are on the right track.

After a successful evaluation, One Up Trader connects you with their funding partners to start trading in real-time. Here’s an in-depth look at the specific steps that one has to pass through. First, you begin by selecting an account.

OneUp Trader Account Types

Funded Account

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OneUp Trader has five different accounts. With each version, there are specific goals and targets that you have to meet. Note that the account you choose during the evaluation program is the same through which you will receive the funded account. It is therefore critical that you make a wise choice.

Novice Account 

The Novice account is the minor account at $25,000. Its monthly price depends on your profit split, either $105 for a 50% split or $125 for an 80% split. The maximum number of contracts is three with a $1500 profit target and a similar amount for Trailing Drawdown. The daily loss limit is $500, and you get to keep 100% of the first $8,000 in profits. Finally, like the rest of the accounts, you receive a $100 balance reset.

Beginner Account

The Beginner account varies with the Novice in that the account size is $50,000 with a maximum of six contracts. Depending on the profit split you select, you will pay $120 and $150 for the 50% and 80% split, respectively. The profit target is $3000, and the trailing drawdown is $2500. The daily loss limit amounts to $1250. The rest of the features remain identical.

Advanced Account

The following account is Advanced at $100,000. The monthly fees are $240 and $300 for the 50% and 80% profit splits. Here, the maximum number of contracts is twelve while the profit target is $6000. The trailing drawdown amounts to $3,500 and a daily loss limit of $2,500. The remaining features are constant.

Professional Account 

The Professional account amounts to $150,000 with a maximum of 15 contracts. The monthly fee is $300 and $350 for the 50% or 80% profit split. The profit target is $9,000, and the trailing drawdown is $5,000. The daily loss limit is $4,000, while the remaining features are similar. That is the most popular choice amongst traders.

Expert Account

Finally, we have the Expert account at $250,000 with a maximum of 25 contracts. For either a 50% or 80% profit split, you pay $500 or $650 per month, respectively. The profit target is $15,000, while the trailing drawdown amounts to $5,500. The daily loss limit is $5,000 as the other features remain constant.

Once you have settled on the account you can manage, you can begin trading. Even so, you ought to abide by the following guidelines;

  • Trade on a minimum of 15 days, excluding holidays and weekends. You can either make the days consecutive or not.
  • You can only trade on permitted products during permitted times, from 5 PM CST to 3:15 PM CST.
  • Strive to meet your targets based on your account size’s requirements.

OneUp Trader Platform

There are various trading platforms that you can opt for as a holder of the OneUp Trader Funded account holder. These include Quantower, Order Flow Trading, iTrader,, and MotiveWave, among others. However, Ninja Trader is the recommended trading platform.

OneUp Trader Funded Account Cost

Other than the costs already discussed above, OneUp Trader has no additional hidden costs. There are no withdrawal, data, or account fees to cater for in the funded account. However, you need to note that while OneUp Trader processes withdrawals weekly, there’s a minimum amount that you must reach before you make this request. That is dependent on your account’s size. The minimum amount you can withdraw at any given time is $1,000.

OneUp Trader Funded Account Review

Before viewing the overall review on OneUp trader, there’s another aspect to consider. Before you receive your funded account, you need to join the community. That is the place where you can share your strategies with other traders. As you chat with them, you will gain more trading skills and get to analyze your moves. Then, depending on the outcome, you can make adjustments as required. Remember that your win is everybody’s.

As a member of the community, you will also have access to trending industry news and advanced analytics. By completing all the laid down steps, you can finally receive a funded account with its privileges.

The Review

OneUp Trader review aims at giving you an outlook of what to expect when you choose to join this team of traders. Its procedures are transparent and easy to follow through hence an attractive forum to pursue. If uncertain about it, you can sign up for the 14-day trial. You can also look into a member’s opinion.

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