BluFX Funded Account Review – An Easy Way to Learn the Ropes of Trading

Last update: BluFX funded account 28.08.2021

What is BluFX

You want to explore the world of trading.  As a novice, however, you may have reservations about pouring your own personal capital into what is generally acknowledged as a risky venture.  This is especially true if it’s in an arena where you have little experience.  

BluFX gives you a chance to enter the trading world in an innovative fashion, which addresses the issue of capital and risk. The company’s in-house trading platform, specifically geared to be attractive to new traders, provides a forex funded account in two subscription-based versions.  Your personal liability is limited to your fixed monthly subscription.  It’s a great way for those looking to get into trading in a low-risk way, while gaining experience and expertise along the way – plus, getting to keep a portion of any profits generated.

How BluFX Works

BluFX offers two levels of monthly subscription service, giving you access to the funded account.  You choose the level you want to start at – Lite or Pro.

BluFX Lite  

Lite is geared more toward beginners, with a monthly subscription rate of £99.  This gives you access to up to $25,000 of funding capital, which you can use to invest, using the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.  Any profit generated is split 50/50 between you and BluFX.

BluFX Pro

The Pro version, at £249 per month, gives you all of Lite’s features, with a funded account of $50,000 from which you can make trades.  Pro also includes numerous upgrades, including:

  • double the buying power
  • trading 24 hours vs. business hours for Lite
  • account growth allowed

In short, BluFX Pro is for more experienced traders.

The funding capital you are allowed to access comes through an Australian VFSC broker.  No funds of your own are required. Most importantly, you are not responsible for any losses you incur in your trades. There is a proviso in the arrangement that if you incur ongoing losses, to the tune of 10%, BluFX will conclude that “the relationship is not working”.

Why a BluFX Funded Account is a Good Idea

For someone interested in the world of trading, but cautious with their money, a BluFX funded account offers a practical investing solution. All you are risking out of the gate is your monthly subscription fee. While you start to learn the ropes of the trading world, you have the real opportunity to see success with your trades and be able to keep a portion of the profits, which can cover your upfront costs, plus. 

 Payments are made monthly. As you gain experience, you can start to up your game, with support from the BluFX trading community.  

BluFX also allows for account growth. Simply explained, if you become consistently profitable, you get paid when you reach 5%.  Your account size is doubled each time you hit 10%, so there is real incentive to make good, sound trades. As the ball starts rolling, you can withdraw profits, while at the same time increasing your account size.

BluFX Review 

BluFX offers a unique way for aspiring traders to get their feet wet in the world of investing.  It also offers incentive to stay with them, into a more experienced stage in their development.  

No Trading Loss Liability 

A major feature to take note of is the absence of trading loss liability.  This is what spooks most potential newcomers into making the trading plunge – whether out of fear of personal loss, personal financial ruin, or simply running out of capital. 

With a BluFX funded account, all of this is negated. Your subscription fee covers you. The hope, of course, is that over time, you gain the trading skills and expertise to cover, with profits you generate, not only your monthly commitment, but also much more. Moving up to the Pro version gives you access to still more capital (again, theirs, not yours).

All you Need – Subscription Fee

The world of trading, obviously, comes with inherent risk. What BluFX has managed to do is create a platform which mitigates the amount of loss a novice trader can encounter. All you are responsible for is your monthly subscription fee. The BluFX funded account you access belongs to BluFX. Any profits you generate from your trades are split with BluFX. As you gain experience, you are allowed access to more and more funds.  It’s a good way to get a feel for the trading world, and for many, appears to have been a door opener to a trading career.  

Top BluFX Methodology

The firm has been around. Started in 2013, as Blueprint Capital, they have continuously refined their model, and with every iteration have proven their methodology is sound.  Opening the doors to novice traders has been the major innovation; it too was an evolution which recognized the need to accept loss out of the gate. By 2015, the modern BluFX model was mostly in place.  

The BluFX funded account platform looks like a sound, reputable way to get into the world of trading, with minimal risk.

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