AudaCity Capital Funded Trader Program Review

Last update: AudaCity Capital Funded Trader Program 27.08.2021

Liquidity, AudaCity Capital will double a trader’s account every time you reach another 10% target.

Unlike the competition, AudaCity doesn’t rely on retail brokers. Instead, they benefit from an Institutional Liquidity provider, allowing for deep liquidity in the market and without the hassles of commissions, trades, swaps, or tight spreads. 

Are you curious about the journey to become a successful and satisfied trader with AudaCity Capital? 

Here are the steps to take with the AudaCity Funded Trader Program:

AudaCity Capital Funded Trader Program Steps 

AudaCity invests in its people. They look for talents who want to grow their skills while enhancing AudaCity’s performance with professional and ethical trading.

Their application process is straightforward. 

Step 1

The initial part of Step 1 is to fill out an application online. Then, your application gets reviewed, and AudaCity may reach out to ask you further questions about any trading experience you have and what your trading strategy will be on AudaCity Capital’s funded account. 

You can also ask them questions about the process or look to their website for answers because there’s an extensive library of FAQs.

Step 2

Applicants who succeed through Step 1 are invited for a face-to-face interview against the exciting backdrop of AudaCity Capital’s trading floor—if the applicant is based in London or within a reasonable distance.

If you’re not local to London or the UK, never fear! AudaCity Capital also arranges phone interviews with international applicants to discuss their talents and learn more about their training experience.

Step 3

Following your in-person or phone interview in Step 2, AudaCity Capital evaluates your application. Within 24 hours, AudaCity Capital will advise you on whether you’ve gotten approved. Congratulations!

Traders who get approved in Step 3 receive a contract from AudaCity Capital and account details, including your introductory credit for the account. At this point, you’ll be ready to start trading.

Questions About AudaCity Capital’s Funded Trader Program

Here are questions asked by many interested people about the AudaCity Capital forex funded trader program.

Are there fees to join?

AudaCity does charge a £199 “one-off joining fee” for applicants (roughly $272 US), and all traders pay the same platform fee of £99 ($136 US) per month. These fees go towards data, admin, and technology expenses, and the monthly fee never goes up. 

Can I get a refund on the joining fees?

Applicants who have started their activity on the funded trading account are ineligible for either a full or partial refund. 

Can trading be done overnight?

Traders may keep their trades open overnight during the week but not on weekends—unless the trader requests the Risk Management Team before 6 pm GMT on a Friday.

What is my account allocation at the start?

Applicants who get approved into the Program start with $15,000 of company funds to learn to trade. As you reach your targets, your account gets doubled up to a maximum of $500,000 US.


AudaCity Capital realizes how many unscrupulous trading firms exist in the financial industry. So they have set out to make themselves the right partner for new traders, and their financial department has a good reputation for same-day payments and making traders a priority.

Their traders live and work in over 40 countries spread around the globe, and AudaCity Capital continues to attract new talent, growing and prospering together in partnership. 

If you’re serious about a career in trading, investigate a future with AudaCity Capital.

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