FTMO Funded Account Review

All traders with a genuine interest in their career advancement and financial independence should consider the internationally known FTMO Funded Account Evaluation Course.

This article explains what the FTMO project is and the challenging requirements that candidates must meet.

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End Goal of the FTMO Funded Account: 70% Profit Earnings

The Evaluation Course involves multiple steps—we’ll explain the steps in detail. First, the course was explicitly designed to find talented traders and offer the best placement in FTMO’s Proprietary Trading Firm.

As a responsible and consistent trader in FTMO’s Proprietary Trading Firm, you can earn up to 70% of your profits. FTMO will also put your FTMO Account trades on a scaling plan, which means your profits scale up if you remain consistent.

How To Start With the FTMO Funded Account Project

Before entering the Evaluation Course, you sign up to receive a Free Trial where you practice trading. That might sound fun and exciting, but FTMO wants to make sure that traders understand the skills and discipline required to trade with an FTMO Funded Account.

Free Trial Details

During your Free Trial, you can test Trading Applications, and you’ll receive a condensed performance analysis of how well you traded. Then, if you’re ready to accept the FTMO Challenge, you officially reach the first step in a two-step FTMO Project Evaluation Process.

Step 1: FTMO Challenge

The first step is called the FTMO Challenge for a reason!

In Step 1 of the Evaluation Process, traders must prove their skills to advance to the Verification Stage. Traders require strict discipline in observing all Trading Objectives and rules during a 30-day calendar demo simulating the funded account demo and trading challenges.

To be successful with the FTMO Challenge, a trader must show their superiority in FTMO’s funded account solution with “very low commissions and raw spreads.” Traders who manage to pass the strict FTMO Challenge may proceed to Step 2, the final step of the Evaluation Process.

Step 2: Funded Account Evaluation Process

The Evaluation Process is also known as The Verification. You complete this second (and last) step after FTMO thoroughly examines (verifies) your progress. If you pass this crucial stage, you are offered your place within the select group of Proprietary Trading Firm traders.

The Step 2 Verification Process validates that traders are both consistent and profitable. Step 2 will be familiar to traders because it continues the simulated demo challenge—but trading comes with a reduced profit target (50%), and the Step 2 trading period is now 60-days long.

After succeeding through The FTMO Challenge and the Verification Process, you become an FTMO trader, and the benefits are exciting!

FTMO Funded Account Trader

As an FTMO trader, you are now making actual trades with real money. Therefore, you must abide by certain limits such as daily losses, total losses, and a limit to the number of trading days. There are, however, no restrictions against profit targets.

As a trader in our FTMO Proprietary Trading Firm, you must show responsibility in maintaining your objectives and consistency. When you trade responsibly, you receive 70% of the profits you generate through the Profit Split.

As you continue to generate profits while remaining responsible and consistent, you can scale up your funded account earnings according to the FTMO Scaling Plan.


There is a fee for aspiring traders to participate in the FTMO Challenge: from €155 up to €540 (the current exchange rate is roughly $182 to $636 US).

The trader pledges their commitment to being responsible and careful with the funded trading account by paying this fee. The cost is determined by the trader’s initial capital requirement, buying power, maximum daily loss limit, and profit target.

The fee also allows the trader to use all of FTMO’s unique applications, including the Statistical Application, Mentor Application, Account Analysis, Account MetriX, and the Trading Journal.

These are the benefits of paying the FTMO fee:

  • It’s just a small percentage of the FTMO Account profits you can generate after successfully passing the Evaluation Process
  • You will not lose more than the fee amount because FTMO covers potential (or actual) losses
  • Best of all, the fee is refundable when you receive your first Profit Split from the FTMO Account

Are Any Other Fees Charged?

FTMO charges no additional or “hidden” fees, and the FTMO Challenge fee covers the Verification Process. Furthermore, as we noted above, your fee is refundable when you succeed through to your first Profit Split.

FTMO Trading Platforms

Yes, it’s a huge and exciting test to undertake the FTMO Challenge. FTMO understands this, and they also assist trader candidates in being successful by offering help from the best brokers and the most well-known and respected trading platforms.

Traders will have access to trading platforms like MetaTrader (4 and 5) and cTrader. In addition, FTMO brokers like Admiral Markets, Purple Trading, and Blueberry Markets will be on hand virtually and through communication platforms to offer advice and their experience and know-how.

Are You Ready?

FTMO has an extensive list of FAQs for people interested in the FTMO Funded Account Challenge. They ensure that trading candidates get fully prepared before they take “the big leap.” If you’re ready to join them, we wish you the very best with your FTMO trading journey!

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